The take-away

Ready to take on some of the most powerful forces in our society? We’re looking for a Director of Media and Press Relations to join a fierce, smart team challenging global corporations, holding them accountable, and creating a world where all people can thrive.

Why you’ll love coming to work every day

You’ll help change the world by being part of fearless and winning campaigns. You’ll be joining an organization that’s not satisfied with the world as it is—and has a vision for how it should be. When your quest is ending corporate abuse, you can’t be afraid to name names and demand what the world needs. For more than 40 years, we’ve been exposing and challenging the abuses of the likes of Nestlé, Exxon Mobil, Philip Morris International, McDonald’s, and more. We don’t back down, and we run campaigns until we win.

You’ll work with awesome people. Join a team of passionate, kind, determined, optimistic, and solutions-oriented folks. We work hard, celebrate victories large and small, and always have each other’s backs.

You can take on big responsibilities as you go. You’ll thrive here as you develop new skills, tackle new challenges, learn, and grow. We pay lots of attention to building staff leadership, and we provide support and training to help you grow in your role.

You’ll be part of an organization committed to advancing racial equity and transforming systems of oppression. We are deeply committed to prioritizing the leadership of people who bear the brunt of corporate abuse: Black and Indigenous people and other people of color, women, low-income people, people in the Global South, and LGBTQ+ folks around the world. Our unique culture has been fostered by a long history of women at the helm. We are actively focusing on the leadership of our staff of color, knowing we are stronger when the organization reflects the vision of the world we’re building together.

What you’ll do

For more than four decades, Corporate Accountability has moved millions of people to challenge corporate power through hard-hitting campaigns that win victories for health, human rights, democracy, and the planet. Far-reaching media -- paired with strategic grassroots organizing -- is at the core of what we do. Our media program is central to shifting the public climate, making possible change that feels impossible, and ensuring our campaigns and research are getting out into the world.

That’s where you come in. We’re looking for someone to bring leadership and collaboration to our media program. The heart of the job is securing groundbreaking, widespread media coverage that exposes corporate abuse and motivates people to take action with us. You’ll develop compelling communications that shift the narrative on issues from climate change and water privatization to food and tobacco industry abuses. You’ll lead in building and deepening strong reciprocal relationships with campaign partners, reporters, and thought leaders, while furthering our shared mission in all aspects, from campaigning to fundraising.

You’ll work in partnership with a broad, cross-organizational team collaborating to craft sharp messaging and then get it out in the world. You will use your imagination and creativity to collaboratively lead a thoughtful media program and the work of the broader communications team. You will continue to build widespread awareness of the organization, our mission, and our 40+-year track record of success in curbing corporate power.

Who you are

  • The rampant abuses of corporations and the outrageous amount of power they have make you mad as hell -- and you want to do something about it.

  • You have a commitment to advancing racial equity and ending systems of oppression, and are ready to do this in your day-to-day work. You understand that campaigning for justice must include working to dismantle white supremacy, institutional racism, colonialism, and anti-Blackness.

  • You have a deep understanding of the power of language and communications to move people to action and create change. You have practice and experience in communications strategies and are a top-notch writer and skilled editor, and you are fluent in framing and messaging best practices.

  • You can produce, collaboratively and independently, media that reaches a broad range of audiences, including reporters, government delegates, corporate executives, and grassroots organizers - depending on the strategy.

  • Communications is at the heart of your theory of change, and you view comms and organizing work as inextricably linked. You can communicate complex ideas simply and clearly, and are highly organized in your thinking and systems. You understand that strategic planning is essential to success and have experience creating and implementing both short- and long-term plans. 

  • You are a tenacious communicator and organizer to your core. You thrive on building authentic relationships. You know social change happens person to person -- so you’re not afraid to strike up conversation with a stranger, direct message someone on Twitter, or hop on the phone to pitch a reporter on their next big story. You can build relationships with integrity and build power for global change with people from diverse backgrounds.

  • You are a great supervisor. You lead with compassion, managing and collaborating with staff toward goals, and encouraging people to lead from their positions.

  • You keep up to date with global media standards, and are always thinking outside the box. You creatively work within the realm of non-traditional media, and are excited to to step into this role to further bring Corporate Accountability’s work to new multimedia platforms.

  • You have 6-10 years of experience in organizing, communications, or other relevant fields.


What you’ll be responsible for in the day-to-day

  • Lead the media team —from playing a key role in on-boarding new media members, supervising staff, and training staff outside of the unit to support media work. You will be guiding the vision and strategy behind our media work across the organization, and working with your team to ensure our plans become a reality.

  • Build and maintain strong relationships with reporters and thought leaders —whether that’s grabbing a coffee (virtually or in person), talking on the phone, commenting on their social media posts, or anything in between.

  • Play a leading role in securing media coverage for the organization. You will lead in assessing and employing innovative and effective media strategies in coordination with our campaigns and digital teams, including running an effective spokesperson training program. 

  • Write and project manage talking points and media briefs for a variety of audiences from the U.S. to the Global South, including government officials, policy experts, public health experts, and reporters.

  • Draft compelling copy for traditional and social media that is inclusive; advances racial, economic, and gender equity; and educates and inspires people around the world to take action.

  • Actively participate in organization-wide planning, fundraising, racial equity work, recruitment, and campaign activities.


Salary and benefits:

  • Salary range: $70,000-$74,000, commensurate with experience.

  • Hours: Corporate Accountability’s full-time staff generally work 32 hours per week, with periods of more intensive work that correspond with the ebb and flow nature of campaigns or projects throughout the year. Our core hours are 10 am - 4 pm on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, with flexibility to determine your remaining hours of the week in coordination with your supervisor and team. Given the nature of communications, rapid response moments, and working with media at an international organization, there will be instances where you would need to be available outside of standard business hours.

  • Our comprehensive benefit package includes: health insurance (with 90% of the premium for all tiers covered by the organization) and dental coverage (with 100% of the individual premium covered by the organization and the option to add dependents at an additional cost); FSA for transit, health care, and dependent care; and 401(k) with employer match.

  • Generous time off policies including one month of personal vacation time, one week of an office closure for collective rest, holidays, and unlimited wellness days to prioritize health.


Remote based on public health recommendations around COVID-19 centering the safety and health of our staff, with the option to eventually transition into our campaign headquarters in downtown Boston, MA. As an organization, we are moving in the direction of enabling our staff to live and work from wherever their personal circumstances take them. Once on-boarded, there will be a more formalized process regarding permanent remote work.

We are looking for great candidates from a wide range of backgrounds. If you don’t exactly fit the job description, but you know you have skills and experiences that are transferable to this position, please apply! Tell us about yourself and why you are should be our next Director of Media and Press Relations.

To apply: Visit Attach your résumé to the online application and include a cover letter. Please include where you heard about the position. Given the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and our current capacity to process applications, we will be responding on a rolling basis and therefore might take between 2 – 4 weeks to respond to your application.


Corporate Accountability stops transnational corporations from devastating democracy, perpetuating systemic racism, trampling human rights, and destroying our planet. We are building a world rooted in justice where corporations answer to people, not the other way around -- a world where every person has access to clean water, healthy food, a safe place to live, and the opportunity to reach their full human potential.

Corporate Accountability is an equal opportunity employer and an inclusive organization. Black and Indigenous people and other people of color, women, nonbinary people, LGBTQ+ and disabled folks are strongly encouraged to apply. Join more than 60 smart and driven staff and interns working in this dynamic organization with a powerful network of members and allies around the world.

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